Engineering Processes

Our biomedical engineering model is fit to meet an international industry’s standards – as inspired by the Stanford Biodesign and University of Cape Town Medical Device Design Methodology. 

medical product development process

1. Pre-concept Ideation and Research

Medical device conceptualisation can be a challenging process that often requires biomedical engineers and experts in other fields to work together. An optimal way to institutionalise this cooperation is through systematic information transfer between the two fields combined efficient information management throughout the phase of design innovation.

2. Needs Identification and Screening

needs analysis of requirements is systematic method to determine and address minimum medical device requirements or ‘holes’ between present practices and required outcomes or ‘wants’.

3. Concept Generation and Screening

Using ideation strategies such existing design reviews, illustrations and drawings, team brainstorming sessions, morphological analysis, and work-sprint ideation reflections, we explore and shortlist the most frugal and effective biomedical solutions. 

4. Strategy Development

The product and its development model must be related to predetermined business strategy that is capable of bringing Impulse’s innovation to market. 

5. Prototyping

The design and then prototyping method is reiterative for refinements until final prototype qualifies for an exit of the cycle by meeting all the needs most effectively.

6. Testing and Verification

Our main qualification and screening processes are designed to self-assess and adjust by using computer-assisted monitoring and laboratory facilities.

7. Commercialisation

Medical research is progressively reliant on business firms and their business modelling through which enterprise, academia, and government are strongly linked to the continuing growth in innovation within the sector. Many sections of medical studies, therefore, depend on marketing and associated patent security to flourish.