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We strive to create the most opportunities to affordable medical treatments on Earth.

who we are

We are award-winning biomedical engineers rethinking medical practices for the betterment of those who need it most.


We exist to make people’s’ lives better by easing access to healthcare. The needs of the people is what excites us and drives our actions.


We proudly utilise our natural resources sustainably, to solve local problems with a cost-effective approach. 


The stakes are high and so are our engineering standards which output novel, carefully-designed medical devices. 


We have feedback from thousands of Anaphylaxis patients asking for the ZiBiPen – a cost-effective Adrenaline Auto-injector.

the future of anaphylaxis treatment


Novel Proprietary

We have successfully obtained an “approved for grant UK Patent” and have filed for PCT, giving us priority in all major markets including South Africa, America, Europe, Canada, China, India and more.


Global Market Expansion

The global adrenaline auto-injector market currently sits at U$2 Billion and is set to grow to U$6 Billion by the year 2024. This exponential growth is due to emerging world populations adopting a more westernised diet.

Patient-centred Design

The ZiBiPen aims to be more clinically effective than existing treatment options, as our depth of injection is better suited for the patient’s body type and age.


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